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Lost in Un-Space

I really think that seeing my family and old friends in Detroit and NOT working was just what I needed to snap out of the funk I've been in for the past six months. The static in my head has quieted to a dull roar. I almost feel good about being back at work. I actually feel human again. 


Had a crazy night out at the Hayloft in Detroit. I ran into Steve and Andy from Cleveland..who were up visiting for a wedding and just enjoyed the company of old friends and aquaintances (and then of course felt them all up and made out with them).


I am making a few  resolutions this year that I plan on sticking to.  I know making resolutions on New Year's Day is lame because you can make them at any time really, but for me, I think it helps to think of a new beginning.
  • No more cigarettes when I drink. No more bumming them either.
  • Less complaining or shit-talking, and more listening and trying to get out of my own head.
  • More music-making and pursuing things I am passionate about.
  • Deciding whether to stay in NYC or move to Chicago / someplace closer to family.

My sister got me this book called the Raw Shark Texts.

It's a really interesting sci-fi take on the "guy awakes with amnesia" plot line.  If reality is a construct based on interpretation of raw information in the world..who knows what life might find itself in the endless streams, lakes, and rivers of communication and information out there. One may think of a meme as being alive (a kind of mutating virus really), jumping from host to host in order to spread.

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