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On why violence would be so much more satisfying sometimes.

I was shopping at Trader Joe's near Union Square the other day.  As per usual, the line stretched around the store. I was standing in line when I felt a cart bump into my ankles...not very hard...but still enough to make me turn to see who was doing it.  It was an middle aged black woman who seemed to not be paying I just let it go.

... two more times.... and I was getting really annoyed. 

So I said, "My legs are not bumpers, please stop pushing your shopping cart into them."  And then turned away.

Behind me I hear, "Well if you come to Trader Joe's you're gonna get bumped now and then."

So...I  ignored that..thinking that she had gotten the point.

.......So four more times the cart bumps into my now I'm completely angry.

I whip around and say, "Look, stop pushing your cart into my ankles!"

"That's how it is at Trader Joe's", she says.

"Oh hell no, that's not how it is, how about you get in front of me and I push my cart into you?"

.... two more times which I ignore because I knew that if I kicked her cart back into her, I would become the asshole.

I heart the holidaze.


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