December 8th, 2008

When flannel attacks

A few random disconnected thoughts from ADHD boy.

The Bush administration has focused mainly on voluntary industry efforts to modify loans, and those have not stopped the surge in foreclosures. - NYTimes

Really? You mean asking an industry to patrol itself doesn't work? That's SO shocking. Our government's relationship with industry is a festering sore that must be lanced.


I've decided that since reality is a construct that I should just stop pretending I have any control over it.  Let the cards fall where they may.  Worrying about everything is just giving me an ulcer.

However, Is it wrong that my entire life philosophy is ripped off of an Imagination song?

I leave for Columbus, Ohio today until Thurdsay for work.  Yay, per diem.


Saturday, I locked myself out of my apartment, I lost my coat check ticket at the Eagle, my cab driver was punched through the window in the face by an angry meth-addled group of teenagers in Chelsea while Pete and I were in the car...and somehow overall still had a wonderful night kissing a random guy, cuddling up with my "bros", and discussing race, identity, and queer space.

Oh, and the deli near Lorimar and Metropolitan Ave in Williamsburg has THE best sandwiches at 5am